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Ripe is an advertising and media network connecting advertisers with consumers in the growing CBD, hemp and legal cannabis markets across the United Kingdom and Europe.

We’ve partnered with a number of leading UK and European content producers and publishers to create a powerful network of websites. We’re selective about sites that attract readers interested in your brand.

If you’re looking to raise the profile of your business, drive traffic to a website or increase online sales, Ripe can help you deliver on your goals. 

If you’re a publisher with readers interested in CBD, legal cannabis products or wellness, Ripe can help connect you with world leading advertisers.


Accelerate Brand Growth

As the European cannabis industry grows, businesses are struggling to reach consumers digitally. Traditional advertising networks have turned their backs on this thriving and growing market. Potential customers can not be reached by the normal advertising networks and platforms, making it difficult for CBD and cannabis brands to access consumers.

With years of marketing experience, and publishing sites of our own, we understand what it takes to reach the right audience for your brand. That’s why we created an ad network specifically for the UK and European cannabis industry. Our specifically designed advertising platform uses industry-standard software to connect brands with consumers at the point of research and discovery. 

Increase brand awareness, successfully market new products, and drive relevant traffic to your website. Target campaigns by device, location, and other reliable metrics. Set your budgets and monitor campaign performance with real-time reporting. All the features you’d expect from a major ad network, tailored to your business and market.

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More Content Your Readers Want

Our cannabis ad network started out of need. As publishers ourselves, we struggled to find a solution to monetise the content we spent so much time creating. When we spoke to other publishers, they had the same problems too. 

By signing up with our ad network, you have access to a wider range of advertisers with offers and products that are relevant to your audience. We have a number of channels from lifestyle to b2b and can help you generate more revenue by serving ads that your audience will be happy to see.

We accept a wide range of publishers, from CBD specific educational websites, through to wellness and lifestyle magazines. Tap into a new and exciting revenue stream with Ripe. 

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